i just got a letter in the mail from some USA deb

i just got a letter in the mail from some USA debt collection company for about $250.00usd.
i live in canada.

letter is saying all kinda of threats, wage garnishment, seizing assets and so on.

just wondering what the deal is, i dont belive i owe anything in the USA money wise.

can a USA co collect from a Canadian?

do i need to worry the next time i go over the boarder to shop?

am i just better off keeping the letter and doing nothing till i get another one or get more information as to what the supposed debt is?

thank you all

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should i be worried about crossing the boarder?

im kinda guessing not since its nota court  judgement or anything like that.

Do check your credit report. Ask them to validate the debt in writing. This collection agency has violated the FDCPA laws. This much is true. Keep this letter with you. File a complaint with FTC or CFPB. You can use this letter against the collection agency later on. 

If you don’t owe this debt, then send them a Cease and Desist letter. If required, file a complaint against them to the SAG or FTC.

Some company called AllianceOne Receivables Managment Inc.

they're supposedly based out of washington according to the letter, but the return address is in Michigan.

No, i do not belive i owe ANY usa debt, i have no property, or bank accounts, accounts in general/otherwise or anything like that in the States

no i have not check my credit report lately.

Who is collecting?  Have you check your credit report lately?  If you dont owe any US debt, ignore it.

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