i have medical, school loans, a court settlement,

i have medical, school loans, a court settlement, and other collection agencies after me for pass due service accounts. where do i start to get debt free and pay off my pile of debt?

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You can pay off your unsecured debts through debt consolidation program. Here, all your multiple bills will be replaced by a single low monthly payment.

Do you have a federal student loan or a private student loan? If it is a federal student loan, then you can take advantage of income based repayment plan. Check the eligibility criteria of this program. If it is a private student loan, then you may go for student loan consolidation. 

As far as your medical loans and other unsecured debts are concerned, you can contact a local debt relief company and take their help in consolidating your debts. As far as your school loan is concerned, you should contact your lender and negotiate for a repayment plan. This may help you in paying off the debts.

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