i got in a car accident and got a Lawyer. i signed

i got in a car accident and got a Lawyer. i signed a lien for the doctor that i was seeing for treament. but fired the lawyer for not doing her job. So i became my own lawyer and tuck over the case. But now she put a lien on my after they sent me the my file. but i never sign any papers on a line for this lawyer.Q: CAN LAWYER STILL GET A LIEN ON MY MONEY, IF SHE WASNT DOING HER JOB BY DEFENDING ME.

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I don't think that the lawyer can get a lien on your money if she has not worked for you. If you have not signed any contract or any document, then I don't think she can do anything.

I don’t have any information about this matter. You can contact with an experienced attorney in this regard. I hope he/she will guide you to resolve your problem in a decent way.

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