i currently owe citifinancial 14,000.00 my monthy

i currently owe citifinancial 14,000.00 my monthy payment is 500.00. The rate is 26.99% I was able to make payments untill one my medication became very expensive. I want to pay my debt but need them to lower the interest rate.

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In my experience, Citifinancial is one of the best when working with customers who can no longer afford their payments. It usually takes just one phone call, and they will probably reduce your interest to just under 10% or so. This should probably help reduce your payment to one that is more affordable.

Good luck to you!

Marie Megge


Well, you can enroll in a debt consolidation program and try to pay off the debt. The debt consultants will negotiate with Citifinancial to lower the interest rate. They will review your financial situation and suggest an affordable payment plan to you. To know more about debt consolidation, check out the following url:



If you are in a financial hardship and can’t repay your debt in full, then you can negotiate with your creditor. You may try to consolidate the debt on your own. If it is not possible for you to negotiate yourself, then you may get help from a reliable debt consolidation company. This company then negotiates with your creditor on your behalf.

You should contact your credit card company and inform them about your financial crisis. You should negotiare with them for an affordable re-payment plan. If the creditor is convinced about your financial hardship, he will consider your request.

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