how do I open up a checking account when I already have a overdrafted account on my record with wells fargo?

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It'd be hard to find a bank which doesn't use the ChexSystems database because most do. Those that don't have their own in-house system with similar functions. Here is a list which might help you out

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You are stuck. It will be very difficult for you to open a checking account. I am telling you this fro my personal experience. I have encountered the same problem in the past. Try to find a bank that does not use ChexSystems. 

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Banks use ChexSystems as opposed to credit bureau reports to particularly check up the banking history of a prospective client. All negative account activity appers on the ChexSystems report including overdrafts. Such incidents are reported by each and every bank and recorded by ChexSystems. Banks lose a lot of money trying to collect overdrafts. You'd have a hard time finding a new bank which will let you open a checking account unless and until you have either paid off the overdraft amount or the debt has been charged off. Each incident reported to ChexSystems stays on the individual's record for 5 years.

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