hey my mom just receive a letter from first nation

hey my mom just receive a letter from first national collection bureau, inc. saying that she owns 2,509.41 dollars. and that they offer her a 6 payments of 167 each payment..do i have to worry about this letter? thank you for taking your time and i will wait for your response thank you again

2 Answers

Your mom can make a written request to the first national collection bureau, inc for a debt validation letter via certified mail with a return receipt request. If they don’t reply, then forward them a C&D letter.

Is the debt legitimate? If so, this is clearly an offer to settle your mom's account. The settlement amount isn't that great, but if it's affordable, and your mom wants to be rid of this debt, it's a good idea to give them a call and make the payment arrangements.

Best of luck to you!

Marie Megge


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