here is where i am starting to have problems...I p

here is where i am starting to have problems...I pay about 1200 dollars for my monthly bills. About 250 of this is four credit cards that i am paying on, and my school loan i will soon need to start paying on which i believe is going to be about 400 dollars a month. I currently am working two jobs and donating plasma and i am barely making my payment. Is there a way to reduce all my credit card payments and/or the school loan payments?

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You can contact with your creditors and negotiate with them. You can try to settle the debts on your own. If it is not possible for you to negotiate with your creditors on your own, then you may get help from a reliable debt settlement company. This company then works with your creditors on your behalf and helps you to settle your debt. Debt settlement helps you to reduce your debt amount. You can also contact with your student loan lenders and negotiate with them. The following link may help you in this regard:

You can go for credit card debt consolidation in order to get rid of your credit card payments. However, your creditor will agree to this only if you're already delinquent on your payments. You should also contact your student loan lender and apply for student loan consolidation. I hope this will make things easier for you and you'll be able to make the payments.

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