friend went through a nasty divorce in Florida. sh

friend went through a nasty divorce in Florida. she and lawyer contacted the credit card company to remove her name from a joint account 4 times and the company refused and ex continued charging after divorce. 20k later he files bankruptcy. now they are coming after her to pay. while they are willing to settle does that make her responsible for taxes on unpaid amount. looking for suggestions on how to deal with the credit card company as she is this close to going down the bankruptcy route to not get stuck with a huge bill. Would this be counted as a debt settle ment with a protest to avoid the tax hit? any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Soaplady is right. The credit card companies will not remove the name of your friend from the account. No matter what happens. They have come after your friend as her ex-husband has filed bankruptcy. They want their money back. Your friend is responsible for taxes on the unpaid amount. Ask your friend to settle the debt asap. 

Jeezz...sounds like she had a crappy attorney. For starters, one cannot be" removed" from a joint account.  It should have closed and assigned to him in the divorce.   Even with a divorce decree, she still would have been liable but she could have hauled him back into court for non payment.

Yes she would be sent a 1099 for the unpaid portion. 

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