did a shortsale thru wells fargo (80/20 loan) coul

did a shortsale thru wells fargo (80/20 loan) couldn't get approved for hofa as they said they sold the second to an investor (freddie Mac) they forgave the first mort but not the second) (42k) Tried to settle during the shortsale process on the second but they gave me big runaround. WFC negotiater called me personally instead of my remax agent. said 10 K was what hey needed. got the money together and submitted it thru my agent. She (WFC negotiater) then told me it was not enough. Said she had never actually gotten an amount from the investor, but assumed that was what they wanted! (what a crock!) amount they wanted I couldn't get. So I was advised by realtor and title company lawyer to just go ahead with the sale and negotiate with them after. (they would not put anything in writing till I signed off on the shortsale. They also specified if I did not go thru with this sale, they were not negotiating another sale, but pushing me into forclosure. So I did the sale. I refused to negotiate with the WFC recovery team for the amount they wanted. They turned it over to a collections Agency. At first call the agent made it sound like he was with WFC. Said he could settle for 20% (8500) I told him I was not able to pay ahat amount and wanted to settle for less if I did. I soon received a letter from them. (PFC) collection agency. Next time I talked to them, I said I was confused. Were they with WFC or just a private agency that bought out the debt. To clarify, I sent them a Debt Validation letter. I want to make sure who actually has my debt. WFC, Freddie Mac, or the collection agency. I got a call today from the Collection Agency. He said he needed an answer from me on amount and they needed at least 20%. I told him that I thought he had misrepresented his position when I previously talked to him. In order to clarify, I had sent them the validation letter right after I had received the letter from them!. He got very upset about this. Said I know who I owed the debt to and I needed to pay it. I told him I wasn't diputing the fact that their might be a debt, but wanted to know who actually had the debt. I told him I had heard horror stories from people who had thought they had settled a debt, only to have someone else come after them for the dame debt. He said because I was putting the bank thru all this hassle, they wouldn't deal with me. Now they were going to need at least 25k to settle the debt! I had really screwed up. I could have easily settled for 4500 from them! I still think this is the right thing to do as to clarify the debt. Why was he so upset? The amount of paperwork requested is less than the paperwork they had me fill out just for the Hofa, just to tell me week before the sale was to go thru that they couldn't approve me because Freddie Mac doesn't do Hofas. (which now this guy is saying Freddie Mac has nothing to do with the loan anyway)

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