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I live in nebraska. I was furloed for six months about a year and ahalf ago. I am still trying to get bills caught up. i just recently received a summons from Midland Funding on my chase credit card. They offered me to settle for less money for awhile now but i didnt have extra money to try and negotiate at the time. No wthey are wanting the full amount of 8000. Would I still be able to call the attourney and try to settle something with them like asking to pay back less than 8000 or maybe pay $200 out of each check till paid off. Im afraid that they will garnish my wages alot and I will just get deeper in the hole. I wouldnt mind negotiating with them if that might be a possibilty. Or am I too late for that.

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You'll have to give a reply to the court summons. Otherwise, it will be easier for them to get a default judgment against you.

You can call the attorney for settling the debt out of court. But they might not be interested to do it at this point of time.

i received the summons on april 14th.i havnt done nothing with it yet.i believe it is an actual court summons. case # CI 12 176. the sherriff gave it to me.

When did you receive the summons?  Did you respond to the court?  Is this an actual court summons or some "legal looking" document from MCM/MF?

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