an attorney group is suing me for a credit card de

an attorney group is suing me for a credit card debt that is 3 times more of what i owe.Do i appear in court because they will not settle for less than $6500.00 when i origanally owed $1900.00. Can they do this?

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Just went through this myself, first time. Not sure where you are in the process but I will give you what I know.

Summons - If you received then you need to file an Answer Letter with the court. It may differe from court to court I'm not sure. Mine they just had me write out myself with the case # included and they filed. I denied specifi items. After the fact my lawyer told me I should make broad statement of denying all. Mine was good enough but you may want to check. This keeps them from getting automatic judgement. I had 30 days to get it answered. Yours may be differfent but you should get that done ASAP. From there I mailed in a settlement amount to the law firm. I got no response. I then recieved letter from court to appear for a status hearing. Letter stated it was for scheduling only but I had to attend or we lost case by default. Attended and lawyer for them was there as well. Short and sweet. A couple of general questions by the judge and court date set fro 6 months ahead. Briefly discussed settlement with lawyer and he said I needed to call the office. Called a few days later. Made offer of 35% they declined. Tried again with 50% and declined. They came back with 60% over 2 payments. Took it cause I wanted to get it over. Not sure what I could have done excpet wait and try again.

Good luck!

It would have been better if the debt was settled out of court. Soaplady is correct. The debt amount has increased due to the accrued interests, late fees and penalties. If they are not interested in settling the debt, then you'll have to appear in the court. Otherwise, the plaintiff will win the case easily. If they obtain judgment against you, then the plaintiff will be able to garnish your wages. Consult an experienced and listen to his/her opinion regarding this matter.

If a case has been filed against you by the credit card company and you've received a summons, then you need to give a reply to the summons and also appear in the court for the same. Once you appear in the court, you can let the court as well as the creditor know how much you will be able to pay depending upon your financial situation.

Are you taking into account late fees, accrued interest and court and legal fees?  Whenever you are sued, you pay the cost of the action. 

The attorney not settling is not a defense.

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