Whom should I pay?

Hello everyone, my girlfriend owes about $10,000 on one of her credit cards. The bank sent it to a collection agency last year. When we called the bank to settle the debt, they told us we had to deal with the collection agency. But the surprising fact is that the bank is still sending my statements/bills to my girlfriend. Who should we be negotiating with? I don\'t want to do a deal with the collection agency and settle the debt and then find that the bank still wants their money...

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Lots of people don't like to deal with the collection agency. So, I am not surprised to know that you don't want to deal with the collection agency.

Your girlfriend will have to work with the collection agency. The account is with the CA now, so your girlfriend will have to settle the debt with them. Check out the steps to settle debt from this page.

Since the bank sent it to a collection agency, so you should contact with that collection agency. Try to negotiate with the collection agency for settling your girlfriend’s debt. You may also get help from a professional debt relief company. But it depends on their discretion whether or not to agree for settlement.

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