What should I do? I have an old judgement against

What should I do? I have an old judgement against me from Bank of America. They sold the debt to a 3rd party CA. They verbally agreed to settle with me but stated that they have no record of, and nothing to do with my original judgement. When I contact Bank of America legal department they tell me that they cant give me any information because they sold the account; that I will have to talk with the 3rd party CA. I'm caught in a loop. I need to settle this debt because I can't refinance my house until I do, but I am unwilling to give them money until I know that they will satisfy my judgement. Any ideas?

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Don’t make any payments until you are sure that the CA has hold your debt account. I think you should contact an experienced attorney in this regard and take his/her advice. It’s really a very tricky situation.

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