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I lost my job and could not pay credit cards. I try to get hardship but no takers. I stopped paying and communication with them. I was recently sued by law firm representing Discover and did a settlement with them. I ran my credit report. Three are listed as Charged Off including the one I just settled. I have one other with Discover that is not Charged Off. I have not been contacted on any of these others yet though they may have attempted but my address and phone has since changed.

I have ability to get a little bit of money for settlements. I\'m not sure what to do next as far as should I call, if so who first. Will calling bring them after me more than if I had waited? I just really want to get started on getting these behind me and move forward.

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I don't think it will be a good option to contact the collection agencies on your own. If the collection agencies, to whom your credit cards have been charged off, contact you, then you can ask them to validate the debt. Once they validate the debt, you can negotiate with them for a payment plan and pay off the debt to get rid of the charged off accounts.

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