What is THD/CBNA

What is THD/CBNA

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Like everyone else I encountered a CBNA/THD on my credit report from experian.  I did the same research you all did and it turns out this originates with HOME DEPOT.  NO OTHER CREDIT OR RETAIL COMPANY has this kind of reporting.  I have never used my HOME DEPOT CARD--ever..didn't even remember having it..but as long as you have a HOME DEPOT card, you will have this sitting on your credit report as an :"inquiry" or an "application for credit" or an "unspecified report."  I urge you to use discretion in shopping at HOME DEPOT.  there are other bib box stores.

Thanks to everyone on here for the Home Depot info. I too had a thd/sbna hit on my credit score for the lowering of my limit. I didn't even know what it was until I found all of your submissions!

HD has closed my account with only a phone call! Yeah!

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depot gave me this # 866-523-0118

I have this account listed on my credit report as being a negative account.  The account was closed do to no activity.  I am not even aware who this account is with.  Is there a number I can call to find out?


PO Box 6497
Sioux Falls, SD-571176497

I had the same THD/CBNA showing also for Home Depot is discovered thanks to this blog.  Called the last number someone posted in this string.  My credit report said that having this credit sitting open is pulling down my score.  Home Depot said the card was inactive but had to ask them to "close" it.

I've just called THD/CBNA they are the ones who handle Home Depot credit cards, actually the credit cards for Home Depot are managed by CitiCards.

In my case someone other than myself opened a card in my name, of course this was fraud or Identity Theft. After dealing with all 3 Credit Report Companies I had to place a Fraud Alert and sign up for a Monitoring service.

In any case, the number I called and I WAS ABLE to reach Home Depot Credit is:

1-866-242-0838 and I spoke with a Home Depot Credit agent.

Hope this helps! 

Crazy that a big company like this does NOT list a Customer Service number on my credit report???

I had a Home Depot card back around 1996 or 98. I'm wondering if it would hurt my credit score to close this account since I haven't used it in 10 yrs or more?

The acct that shows THD/CBNA on my cedit report is for a Home Depot card that I opened.


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