What is THD/CBNA

What is THD/CBNA

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I had THD/CBNA in my credit report, and called the number given earlier, 1-800-677-0232. It is for the Home Depot Account information, and they found that I had two so called accounts that they couldn't even pull up my information. I explained it was hurting my credit report and they agreed to remove both totally from their system. I hope it will show favorably on my report next time around.

Yes this is the company (Citibank) that handles both Home Depot and Best Buy credit cards. 1-866-242-0838 is the dedicated service number but they don't identify themselves as Home Depot. You also cannot call Citibank directly through their customer service line they will not pull up the account even if you supply your soc. sec. number. The will show under your credit report as CBNA but with a DIFFERENT PO Box (6497) than Citibank's regular one (6493). They are the same company but apparently the divisions do not communicate at all.

I also encountered a CBNA/THD on my credit report from experian. and a phone call from 1-423-467-6460, which I had google the phone number and it is listed as a Heavy scam phone number.. Thanks goodness to someone posted " I called and I WAS ABLE to reach Home Depot Credit is:
1-866-242-0838 and I spoke with a Home Depot Credit agent." so needless to say, i call that number and home depot was able to cancel this so call new account. and they will also removed any inquires on my credit.

I have a card with H D, it.s really a CITI card, but my score went from 7he mid 700s to 576 from may to jul 10 2016. even thru I had made 3 pmts of $50.00 each in that period. They said I was getting close to my limit and this was bad. I called they said call the number on the card. CITI said no I had good credit with them, but i would have to write the credit reporting office to get it off. in the mean time I can't use any card. I went to Lowe's and applied for a card. 1st they said no then when I explained about the HD card deal the man made a couple calss and the next day I had a card.I will not buy from HD again and would warn, if you do or have one of their cards cancel, but then you might get a bad report for closing a account.

Closing an account does drop your score by around 10 points but, it will go back up. In the long run it is better to close and account because it looks bad if you have an account you don't use. It makes the company wonder if you are going to use them or not. So if you are not planning on opening and new account in the near future it would probably be better to close it now.

My problem is a little different, but still involves CBNA/THD. I have a Home Depot store card issued by Citibank. The card had a limit of $ 6500.00.
I never used it so they lowered my limit to $5000. Here is the thing, my credit score was 825 on May 25, 2015. Now it has been reduced
to 803. I have never missed or forgot to pay anyone for the last 25 years. Citibank go figure.

Like everyone else I encountered a CBNA/THD on my credit report from experian.  I did the same research you all did and it turns out this originates with HOME DEPOT.  NO OTHER CREDIT OR RETAIL COMPANY has this kind of reporting.  I have never used my HOME DEPOT CARD--ever..didn't even remember having it..but as long as you have a HOME DEPOT card, you will have this sitting on your credit report as an :"inquiry" or an "application for credit" or an "unspecified report."  I urge you to use discretion in shopping at HOME DEPOT.  there are other bib box stores.

Thanks to everyone on here for the Home Depot info. I too had a thd/sbna hit on my credit score for the lowering of my limit. I didn't even know what it was until I found all of your submissions!

HD has closed my account with only a phone call! Yeah!

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depot gave me this # 866-523-0118


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