What choice of type debt relief would be the best

What choice of type debt relief would be the best choice to pay off my Debts. Simple break down is that I have about 50 thousand in credit card and unsecured loans. I have perfect credit ..I mean never missed a payment in my life perfect. However, I'm going to start missing payments in the near future if I dont do something. I was thinking consolidation. Also, I just started a new job so I'm not sure I can get a loan or if that would be the way to go. thanks for you time.. have a great day !

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I think it will be better to go to a credit counselor first. The counselor can suggest you the ways to handle your debts. If you are not able to manage your debts even after attending the counseling session, then you can enroll into a consolidation or management program.

You may obtain a consolidation loan if you can pledge collateral against it. 

Yes, you can get a loan as you say you have perfect credit, but make sure you shop around for the interest rates. Unless you take out a loan with low rate, you can't save enough dollars through the deal.

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