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Okay, so I have currently about $10,000 in credit card debt that never seems to go down any. I have a mortgage payment and other bills and was recently booted off of Food Stamps and told I make to much (they don\'t consider credit card debt when factoring wages it seems). I\'ve been trying to get a second job to pay this debt off but can\'t manage to find one that fits my main work time requirements and the bank won\'t give me a consolidation loan (which would put my payments lower then they currently are) and has denied me twice telling my my debt to income ratio is to high. I need to know what I can do and if i have any options other then stop paying the credit card bills...

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You should contact a debt relief company and apply for debt consolidation program. Check out the terms and conditions of the program before you enroll into it. If it's affordable for you, then you can use it in order to pay off your debts in an easier way. You can also check out the option of debt settlement for paying off your debts.

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