We signed an agreement with our bank that our debi

We signed an agreement with our bank that our debit card would decline instead of overdraw. We were mailed a copy. My fiance' then overdrew our bank account with our card, and the bank denied us having filled the form out. They ignored our calls & said we never tried to contact them.
They then sent our info to a collector & we now have 30 days to dispute.... When I send the letter of dispute do I need to explain why/send copy of no overdraft letter?

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You can send the copy of the agreement to the collector. If that does not help, then drag the bank to the court. They have violated the agreement clearly. Fight with all your spirit. 

How old is the debt? I don't think it would help if you attach a copy of the contract with your letter of dispute which you are going to send to the collectors. Why didn't you file suit against the bank for breach of contract?

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