We are looking to consoladate our credit cards int

We are looking to consoladate our credit cards into one payment. We are not struggling to pay credit card bills (Total 15k), but would like them wrapped up in one loan. The problem is we found out that our credit score is 610(wife) and 565 (mine). Do you think any financial company will offer unsecured loan with those scores. Our house was hit by the real estate downgrade so we only have approx 10k equity in home. Any suggestions?

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Even if you obtain an unsecured debt consolidation loan, the lenders will charge a very high interest rate on the loan. If you're not struggling to pay the credit card bills, then it is better to not take out a consolidation loan right now. 

Go to a credit counseling agency so as to get authentic help with your present debt situation.

Your credit scores are not too good. In such a situation, the lenders won't be ready to offer you an unsecured loan for consolidating your debts.

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