We are currently $40,000 in debt. My husband was o

We are currently $40,000 in debt. My husband was out of work for 9 months and has recently gotten a job making about 30% less. I contacted Chase for 2 of our cards and they tell me we have the lowest interest rate they can give me 9.34%. They recommended I talk with a credit councler and they suggest I just continue doing what we are doing but I see us going under if something does not give. We have not been late on any bills but we are barely able to but groceries.

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You may listen to the advice given by Chase. Go to a credit counselor. He will help you in handling your debts.

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Please list your lenders, balances due, minimum payments and interest rates for each card.  Also, how much can you comfortably afford to pay monthly toward your debt?

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