We are 30K in consu,er debt and need a reputable d

We are 30K in consu,er debt and need a reputable debt mgmt company. I am cross eyed researching on the internet. Can you make a few referrals?

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Have a look at this URL. You may get help :)


You can get a list of debt management companies in the Internet. You can also get some info from the newspapers. Check the affilation, service charge, BBB rating, client testimonials of the company.

I think you can consult with your family members and friends. They may suggest you about reputable debt mgmt company.

You can contact the local debt relief companies and check out what type of rates and terms they may offer you. You can even check out the given page in order to know the names of some of the debt relief companies: http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/companies/usa-listing/ .

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