Was I tricked? I recently settled a debt with a co

Was I tricked? I recently settled a debt with a collection agency; Dominion Law Associates in VA. The debt was an old one from American Express, I offered 53% of the debt and they accepted. I did a lot of research online and made sure I documented everything - sent off certified letters of the agreement, as well as demanded documatation from them that the debt was settled in full, which I received. Today I received a new bill from American Express, stating that they received the $5,000 and now they want the rest, about $4,900 by Aug. 13 - although their statement said the account was closed and cancelled, it also stated I had a credit limit of $8,000 and available credit of $3900 - huh? If I have oodles of proof that they accepted my payment as "settled in full" Why is AMEX still demanding the rest? Will this ever end?

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I also settled with Amex thru Dominion Law Associates. I have a copy of a letter stating that as long as the check cleared the account was considered settled in full. I also have the statement where it was applied to the account. I\'m still receiving bills stating mimimum payments and such. I sent off copies of the statement and the letter to Amex and they are looking into it via the claims dept. And as far as I know it\'s still on my credit report as delinquent even though it\'s supposed to have been settled. Am I going to have to call and fight with them?

You didn't get fooled at all; actually, this is common practice. I'm guessing you settled your account before it charged off. If this is the case, the account needs to cycle at least one month prior to the settlement being reflected.

Next month's statement will reflect a zero balance, but if you'd like to put your mind at ease, give American Express a call. They'll explain this policy to you in full detail.

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Marie Megge


Did you get a settlement agreement/offer from the collection agency?  You might have sent the agreement to them, but did they send one to you?  Without proof that they accepted the settlement, you may face an uphill battle.

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As you have the proof that they accepted your payment and had settled the account in full, you should show it to them and ask them to withdraw the payment request that they have made.

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