Today I received a call from a gentleman who didn'

Today I received a call from a gentleman who didn't identify himself or his company but left a reference number and said that legal papers had been unsuccessfully delivered to my home and that I needed to contact Thomas Blevins (couldn't really understand the pronunciation) at 210-560-1924. When I called the number back I got an answering machine saying that I had reached Sternberg (again had a problem with the name) and Associates and that Thomas Blevins was away from his desk but to leave my name, my attorney's name and a return number. I have no idea who this is or what it's about. Have you heard of these people?

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I got the same call. They called my sister and said if I didn't contact them in 24 hours they would consider my case settled. They gave the same number. 2107649801. I called them that day, no answer. Left a message, no call back. I was nervous and scared. I finally got in touch with this so called law firm and spoke to someone whom called themself Keith Whitman. I acutally set up payment arangements, they drafted my checking account twice before I realized it was a scam, which was just TODAY. Closed my bank accout and filed a police report. They ended up getting 200 dollars from me. So pissed and disappointed.

I also recieved one of these calls about an hour ago.

I got the same stuff and it seems that this is bs.

i made 2 payments of 242.62 and when attempted to make the 3rd and final .. all of a sudden i couldnt get anyone on the line.. then i finally looked online for information regarding the company and found this.. looks like i was scammed..

I just got one of these 7:15am.  Took down the info since I was wide awake now with high blood pressure.  Tried to call the number given but got answering machine, so starting searching for more info on the parties identified, since they claimed to have tried to deliver documents but no one was home.  Really?  My disabled husband is always home, so that made bells go off in my head.  Now, it seems this is nothing more than a scam.  Bloody vultures preying on people when the economy is so bad! 

Just got the same call about owing money and it would be in my best interest to call 210-764-9801 or they are going to continue the legal matters in a court room.  I have to call back with in 24 hours, yaddah yaddah.  I really hope this is a scam but you know what I don't get...they said they thought my address was wrong and said they've been trying to deliver this legal documentation but somehow they had my phone number??  I can't find anything that completely matches sternburg and associates with james montgomery...Confusing...but I think it is a scam.  If this was a law suit, all they'd have to do is look in public records and get my address.

I just got a call from my sister saying a james montgoermy is trying to serve me but the number he gave is 210 7649801 is this a scam? Cause i think he really went to my house

I just received a call also and decided to google the number 210-560-1924...them sayg that they need to hand deliver a sumons and wanted to make sure someone was gonna b home...what the heck... im gonna chain my pitbull at the end of one of my driveways and my german shepherd at another...what is this all abt anyone know?

what a joke these people should be put in Jail! In 7 months pregnant and was scared todeath.

that is just appsolutly wrong.

I did some research and found a Manfred Sternberg and associates in TX but not San Antonio. The contact name I was given is James Montgomery, who is not listed as an attorney at this firm. I also called the number listed above and let them know that their name is being used for other things. That firm is in California by the way.


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