Should I consolidate all my bills? And who is s honest company to go threw in Missouri?

We have so many bills that we cant keep up with. Loans ,credit cards we moved here three years ago and we had to start all over with every thing so we had to borrow money, we have payed them off several times but had to use it again with this economy . I\'m stressed and it\'s making sick

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You will have to consider some aspect before selecting a reliable debt relief company, such as- company profile, reputation, accreditation, fees and structure, tenure, client testimonials etc. Look at this page to select a reputable debt relief company:
But you should keep in mind that you can consolidate your unsecured debts only. Debt consolidation is not possible for secured debts.

What kind of debts do you have? List them out along with amount owed. Do you have any payday loans?

How much do you owe? Your problem will not be resolved if you continue to borrow money. You need to live within your means. Otherwise, you'll face debt problems time and again.

What kind of debts do you have? Secured or unsecured? You can consolidate all your unsecured bills through a debt consolidation program. Check out the following page to know more about Missouri debt consolidation program. You can get a list of companies in this page too.

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