Should I apply for a credit card after buying a new home?

My current credit score is 650. I have bought a home recently. I have taken out a mortgage for purchasing this house. I need to purchase some utensils and other things for my new home. I am on the verge of reaching my credit limits on the 2 credit cards. This is why I don’t want to use these cards for purchasing the items. I am thinking of applying another credit card. Should I do that? Will it have a negative impact on my credit report? I am asking this as I have taken out the mortgage only a few months ago.

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Thanks for your reply. I will try to follow your suggestions. 

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You "need" or "want" things for your home?   If you have maxed two cards, you really have no business apply for another.  You are only getting yourself deeper and deeper into debt.

Start looking at thrift and consignment stores.  You can get an inexpensive set of utensils at target or Walmart for under $20.  Freecycle is another great source.  When I moved to Florida, I went with NO furniture or much of anything else.  Between freecycle, craigslist and other thift stores I furnished my apartment with everything I needed.  Quite cozy and it was cheap!  It is not necessarily the furniture I "want" but it is what I could afford.

If you have to open a line a credit for "utensils", you really need to think carefully about your spending.  What is going to happen when your water heater dies?  Or your furnace?  Homes are expensive.

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