Several PDL I think are Illegal in my State

I live in Texas. I have payday loans from Plain Green. read it was illegal, Hydra Fund out of New Zealand, read it was illegal, sent them two certified letters which were unable to be forwarded and were returned to me.Recvd a collection call from \"AMWAY ARBITRATION\"(cannot locate them on any website) and threatend me with lawsuit. Genesis Financial dba usawebcash, sent them a letter certified in April but have not recvd confirm of delivery so Im thinking I will get it back. Genesis Financial has severe class action suite against them, and western sky which is definately illegal dba cash call they did accept my certified letter. I lost my job. I do know that I only need to pay the principal amount on any illegal pdl

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Please don't double post your questions. It won't be answered any faster. Your question has already been answered on your other post.

I too agree with my previous poster. Check out this page to know about how to deal with illegal lenders:

Yeah…it’s true that you are liable only for the principal amount. You will be happy to know that illegal lenders won’t be able to take any legal action against you. Close your bank account asap to stop unauthorized withdrawal. Ask them for the refund, if you have overpaid them.

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