Settling with wells fargo credit card

Can anyone share info on how I can settle with Wells Fargo Credit Card?
I owe them about $15,000 and although I have proven that I am in a financial hardship situation they won\'t settle for less than $10,000. I offered them $6000. They want me to stop paying my rent and pay them!!!!
I\'m 145 days late. Is it worth it to let them send me to collections? Any help you can give me is appreciated!!

3 Answers

I think it’s better for you to settle your debts on your own. You may look at this page to know the steps about how to do it on your own:

You can contact a debt relief company and ask them if they can help you to settle the debt for less than $10,000. If they can, then you can sign up with that company. Make sure you check the accreditation, fee structure, client testimonials, etc. of the company.  

I don't think it will be a good option to let them send your account to collections. It will be better if you could further negotiate with them to settle the debts for a lesser amount. You can even take help of the local debt relief companies in order to negotiate with them and settle the debts.

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