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How do I select a good Debt settlement company. Can companies that are not with BBB be trusted?

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I may be biased, because we are BBB Accredited, but I would definitely choose a company with BBB Accreditation due to the fact that there are many hoops that debt settlement companies have to jump through in order to obtain and/or maintain their BBB status.

Also, if a company is going to charge its fees up front, run as fast as you can - that's illegal. And, if their fees are 25% or more of savings, that's simply too much.

Conduct sufficient research and you will find a company that is honest, ethical, BBB Accredited and has few or no complaints.

Best of luck to you!

It is better to not work with a company which is not accredited by BBB. Click on the link to know how to choose a good debt settlement company. 

To select a good Debt Settlement Company, you will have to consider company profile, company accreditations, program fees and costs, client testimonials etc. The following link may help you to select a good Debt Settlement Company:

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