Please help I am in the process of settling my deb

Please help I am in the process of settling my debt with pnc I am approaching my six month mark and they are not budging. I owe 20000 and they are offering $9000 and I just can't do it and they haven't gone down on their offer since the three month mark any advice??? Also my Old Navy credit card was sent to collections before the six month mark it is difficult dealing with collections and what percentage should i expect to pay?? Thank you so much in advance

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Well I setttled two other for 30% or less. First national I got 30 bank of america was 25% I have researched it seems they will go down to 35% so I guess I will stick it out. Thanks!!!

The upper limit for charging off revolving credit accounts is 180 days but it doesn't mean that a bank can't do it earlier. In your case, as soon as it was charged off, it got handed over to collections. I'm guessing it was past the 90 days mark.

It’s quite difficult to say at what percentage you should expect to pay. Because it’s entirely depends on your financial capability. You may try to settle your debts at a lower rate. But it depends on their discretion whether or not to accept your request. If it seems difficult to negotiate yourself, then you may get help from a professional debt relief company.

$9000k is your research have you seen them go any lower???  How much are you looking to settle for??

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