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I\'m posted questions before regarding my issue with Plain Green/Think Cash/FBD but I found out more today. I called First Bank of Delaware and asked about my loan. All my documents say First Bank of Delaware. They told me the loan was sold to Plain Green. I got an email from Think Cash stating I had not fulfilled my contract and I had 6 days to clear it up. I called the number listed and they said they were Plain Green and were the same as Think Cash. They refused my offer. I called back a couple days later and they said the contract had been sold to a CA. When I replied to the emails I would get a response back from accounts@plaingreen. But attached to one of the emails it says the following \"NOTICE TO FORMER THINK CASH® BY FIRST BANK OF DELAWARE CUSTOMERS: If you are a former Think Cash® by First Bank of Delaware customer you are receiving this email because you accessed your account through the Plain Green Loans ( (\'Plain Green\') website. This does not mean that Plain Green now owns or services your loan account, and in no way changes your payment obligations. Please respond to this email or contact our customer service at 866-420-7157 if you have any questions.\"

So if that is the case and it has been sold by Plain Green, where do I stand? Should I just ask for validation from the CA?

When I talked to Plain Green last I asked why I was being contacted by Think Cash and they said I should not be receiving anything from Think Cash and asked that I forward the email to them. I didn\'t though.

Any thoughts?????

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You should forward the email that you received from Think Cash to Plain Green and ask them to let you know what you should do about the email. Unless a proper decision is reached, you shouldn't pay any of them.

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