On 11/8/2009 I signed a contract for debt settleme

On 11/8/2009 I signed a contract for debt settlement with DVA in Kentucky for $252.54 monthly for 36 months. I have 6 months left to pay. This December, because one creditor offered a reasonable settlement offer that I wanted to accept, I found out I had NO money in my escrow account. That without my knowledge or permission since 01/20/2010 DVA started taking $250 out of my escrow account every month for what they call co-counsel fees. According to my contract, my escrow account should have $3,261 by now. With these added co-counsel fees I have a minus of over $4,000. They say I am not responsible to pay the minus, but I have no chance of ever settling my accounts from escrow because there is no escrow money. I have no chance of ever having a positive escrow. Is this legal? DVA justifies the hidden co-counsel fees because I signed a paper giving them limited power of attorney. I even have an e-mail from before I signed my contract that states "Your single monthly payment covers the cost to resolve the debt AND pays all program fees. There is nothing extra or hidden to pay." Can they get away with a scam like this? Do I have any legal recourse?

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You do have a legal course. You shouldn't let this scumbugger to flee. File a complaint with FTC or CFPB. You should have checked the company's credentials before working with them. From next time, try to settle your debts on your own.

File a complaint with your state AG's office.   What does DVA stand for????  I googled them and cannot find anything.

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