Ok, so I move into a house and we discuss the easi

Ok, so I move into a house and we discuss the easiest way for me to pay the married couple that own it for the rent.
We end up deciding I will have a set portion of my paycheck direct deposited into a joint bank account between his wife and myself and she will just have the rent money to take out at her leisure.
We set it up, there is no notification from her or the bank about a previous debt of 500+$ that they owed BB&T bank.
2 weeks go by and everything is fine. My 2nd check gets deposited and they yank 500$ out of MY money that was supposed to be for rent for a debt on someone not only am I NOT married to, I'm not even WITH and she IS married too... AND her husband who was also responsible for the other joint account had nothing to do with this one.
Now not only did they take the money out, they closed the account without any notice to me and are also reporting 500$+ owed from all 3 of us??!??!?
This was 5 years ago.
This is not on any of my 3 credit reports, I went to go get an auto loan today and setup a new checking account with a credit union and he said its not on the 3 credit reports but some kind of other "check" they do to see if I owe banks money, and pop, one this other check he did was BB&T, now he couldn't say for sure but he sounded pretty confident when he said they are probably reporting 500 owed from all 3 of us.
So basically no new bank account, no auto loan.

What exactly are my rights here? I spent a couple gran fixing my credit report to be perfect and at NO point in time did I personally cause any debt to BB&T. I could understand MAYBE if she was my wife, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

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Ok...you need to go in and talk to a bank manager.  The levy order was not against you....so it should not affect you.

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