Not sure what to do. We are in the process of try

Not sure what to do. We are in the process of trying to get a mortgage modification. We currently have approx $20000 in credit card debt phone rings day and night they are now calling cell phone and my husbands job. Our goal is to modify home loan for 6 months to a year and then sell our home, downsizing and relocating.

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It is certainly not legal for a collection agency to call you at times that are inconvenient. Again they shouldn't be calling you at work against your will.

Nelly has rightly suggested you to go for a debt relief service. Make sure you share your current financial standings when you go for a free credit-counseling session.

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Who is calling you day and night? If any collection agency is calling you regarding the payment of debt day and night (before 8am and after 9 pm) regarding the credit card debt, then you can file a complaint against them to FTC. Get help of a debt relief program to pay off your credit card debt.

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