My wife and I have about 25,000 in debt over vario

My wife and I have about 25,000 in debt over various credit cards and store credit cards. We also have a house and car payment. We are current on all of our payments, but are only able to make minimum payments, so it seems like we will never be able to get anywhere in paying them down. My wife only recently found employment after a long period of being out of work, which is how we ran up such a large amount of debt. What is the best way for us to resolve this while not seriously damaging our credit, and also keeping our car and house? We have the ability to pay about 600-700 a month towards our debt.

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You may certainly negotiate with your creditors and secure alternative repayment plans. In doing so, you'll need to show your creditors through thick and thin. If they're able to understand your current financial obligations, they might agree with you.

Apart from that, you may try consolidating your unsecured debts. While repaying your credit cards, make sure that you first try to pay off the card that charges the highest APR. That will help you save more to pay off more in the coming days.

You and your wife can contact with the creditors and negotiate with them. You may try to consolidate the unsecured debts on your own. If it is not possible for you to negotiate yourself with the creditors, then you may get help from a reliable debt consolidation company. This company then works out with your creditors on your behalf. The following link may help you in this regard:


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