My question is where do you start? The thing for m

My question is where do you start? The thing for me is alot of my debt was from when I was 18-20 years old now I will be 29 this year. We(me and my husband) struggled for a long time but now we are at a place where we can and want to take care of these past debts. Do you pay something that is on your credit report from 10 years ago? Do you write them and see if they will settle? I am just not sure where the best place to start is. Last time I checked my credit was at like low to mid 500's which I cannot stand. Any advice I will take! Thank you,

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Yep Soaplady is right. You can pay off the debts that are still appearing on your credit report. There is no need to pay off the debts that are around 10 years old.

Your goal will be to remove the negative items (that are less than 7 years old) from the credit report. You can contact your creditors/collectors and make a settlement offer to them. If they accept your proposal, then settle the debt and get your account status updated as "paid as settled". 

These debts should be out of SOL...they are time barred.  If it has been more than 7 years they shouldnt even be on your report.  When was the last time you paid on them?


More than likely they have been sold off to junk debt buyers who paid pennies on the dollar.  Dont waste your time or money on these bottom feeders.  Dispute anything on your credit report that is old and past the 7 year mark.  FYI...paying a collection account will not raise your credit score.

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