My joint account with my husband just had a levy p

My joint account with my husband just had a levy placed on it for a debt he owed to a creditor. He was never served papers for the lawsuit, so they went to court without him ever even knowing and got a judgment against him. We were planning to file an appeal but just found out that the judgment was awarded in 2009 even though they just seized the account now (/8/6/2011). We were informed by the county clerks office that the option to file an appeal has passed and that the only thing we can do is hire an attorney. We obviously can't hire an attorney since they seized both our checking and savings and wiped out both accounts. Is there anything we can do? Please help! We are in Pennsylvania if that makes any difference. Also, if I open up a new account in my name only, can they come after that account as well?

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If it is only against him, I would open a seperate account and tell him to cash his checks from now on at a place such as Kroger or somewhere like that. He may even be able to do direct deposit on a pre-paid card but I am not certain. I feel really bad for you but as you see in America everyone was bailed out but those who needed it most: (

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