My husband and I went into a rent to own home put

My husband and I went into a rent to own home put down $2,500.00 the landlord said that its for 2 yr and that we will start morgae after the 2 years. He also said that we could move in and that he will fix things while we are in there ( I didn't get anything in writings and he did fix what he promise to fix.) the pipes burst in the bathroom tub, which leaked into my livingroom, causeing mold and mildew with holes in the ceiling, the furance box we had to replace, and our bedroom ceiling, a big piece of plaster fell down (all with in a weeks time). We called the city code person to come inspect the home. he sited the landlord to fix problems in the home and gave him three (3) days to do this, little did we know that this was the same city code person that approved that the house was ready for move in (we never meet the city code person). We received a letter from the landlord stating that they gave him a copy of our lease and that we have 30-day to fix the problem or else we will have to vacate the property. So when I called the City code person to verify his findings, he said that we brought the house as is and that we are responable to fix the problem. So the landlord called and we told him that the rent will be paid at the end of this month, we fixed the bathroom pipes, the ceilings and the furnace problems.....We get another call from him saying that if we do not have Decembers rent on time that he will file eviction pappers, December is not here. We have a Autistic child and cannot afford to up and move, I feel like such a heel, in believing this man......I know I should have read the lease from begining to the end, but I wanted to get a home for my family so bad. Do I have any legal rights. PS we only owe for this month, and late fees appy.

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You dont own the home yet right?  Then you would have tenant rights...or at least I would assume.  You have a lease....I would suggest calling tenant rights in your state.

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