My debt to Chase is around $7000 and it was bought

My debt to Chase is around $7000 and it was bought by NAFS. They are sending me settlement offers every month, and I noticed that the amount keeps dropping. It's currently at $1100. Should I settle or wait it out to see how low they go? The letters have a time deadline and say that the offer may not be renewed. I'm afraid to call them. Don't quite trust them based on consumer complaints I've seen.

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I haven’t personally dealt with NAFS. If you want to know more about this collection agency, then glance through the following link. I hope this will help you to take an important decision:

I suggest taking this settlement; it's very good, and not likely to get much lower - if at all.

Also, are you certain that it was purchased by NAFS? I don't recognize NAFS as being a purchaser of Chase accounts, but I do happen to know that they collect on Chase accounts. And, Chase recently made some changes, and their settlements have been a bit better than in the past. If you want to attempt a lower amount, you can call NAFS and offer $950.00. But again, if they refuse, consider yourself lucky for settling at $1,100.00.

Good luck to you!

Marie Megge

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