My daughter has received correspondence from Sesso

My daughter has received correspondence from Sessoms & Rogers, Attorneys in Durham, NC, re Portfolio Recovery Associates stating that judgment was entered against her in this case. “The judgment will remain in force for a period of ten years and can be renewed for an additional ten-year period. You should not expect to outwait the judgment, since our client will certainly renew it at the appropriate time, which will keep the judgment in effect for a total of twenty years.” This was sent to her on September 1, 2011. Could she send a debt validation letter to Portfolio Recovery Associates now or is it too late? Or should she send the DV to Sessoms & Rogers. She previously had written the attorneys a letter stating that she has no job and no money and that her friend is responsible for the debt. She knows that her friend with whom she was rooming obtained a credit card in her name without her permission.

She does not know what this debt is for. She has no money, no job, and is going to school at this time. The debit is at least three years old and the statue of limitations for credit card debit in North Carolina is 3 years.

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated about what her next steps should be.

Thanks so much.

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Very unlikely they will do anything after 10 years.  They probably won't exist in 10 years.  They willorev than likely be shut down before then with all the complaints

I think she did get a summons which was relayed through her son in a different city.  She did not show up in court but she did contact the court afterwards.  She told the clerk of court (I think that's who it was) that she did not have a job and no money and the clerk told her not to worry about it.  Then she gets this letter I just quoted.  She does not want to get her friend in trouble so she did not report the identity theft.  She will probably just go ahead and pay the debt of $1,443.85 which she can pay at the rate of $100 per month with interest of $7.34 per month.  Do you think she could negotiate this amount down?  She will borrow the money from relatives.  Thanks for your response.

She has already been sued so the SOL no longer applies.  For the next 20 years, they will be able to levy her bank account and garnish her wages.

Did she receive a summons?  Answer it?  Show up in court?  Did she report the identity theft to the police?  She needs to get proactive on this NOW.  If she intends on going to grad school, she will not qualify for GRADPLUS loans or private loans.

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OH AND NH have very restrictive low cost interest rate laws.

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