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I am planning to buy a home but I have 14 delinquent accounts on my credit report. All these delinquent account are medical debts adding up to about $3500. Apart from this, my credit is good and I pay all the other accounts on time. My home buying counselor has asked me to call the CA and negotiate for debt settlement. So I called one and of course was told they could not delete and I paid the bill. Afterwards I did some research and realized that is NOT what I should have done! Now that account will be marked as current! Do I send a PFD letter to the CA or should I call and work out a PFD? How do I do so without claiming the debt? Do I contact the OC? How do you know if the OC sold off the debt?

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It is too late for PFD. Apart from that, PFD hardly works nowadays. 

Ask the CA to validate the debt in writing. If they give you a valid proof, then you will be confirm that the OC has been sold off the debt. Usually negative items remain on your credit report for 7 years from the date of your first default. You may make a written request to the CA to remove that item from your credit report, since you have repaid the debt. But it depends on their discretion whether or not to accept your request. You may also request them to update your account status as “Paid-in-full”

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