LVNV, LLC and I had a debt agreement that I would

LVNV, LLC and I had a debt agreement that I would pay a portion of the debt. I was also told that my payments would be taken out of my account on or around the 28th of each month. My July payment was taken out on July 18th, when the money wasn't there. I had two payments left to satisfy the debt and only owe $352.00. Even after paying $2,760.00, they sent my account to another agency for the entire amount I had owed. I can't find my paperwork. I called LVNV, but ended up with the Resurgent phone number, which is all that's listed under LVNV. I got the impression REsurgent was the parent company that LVNV works out of. The woman I spoke with could see every one of my payments, but still wouldn't work with me. When I asked why the entire debt was sent to another company, she said that was the company's policy. That is fraudulent! Help!

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You have been scammed mate. You don't have any chance to fight this battle without having proper documents or a contract. Verbal agreements are not legally binding mate. You told us that the CA has withdrawn money from your account. So, the only hope is the account statements. But, I don't know whether or not this will help your case. 

Did you get the agreement in writing?  This is rule #1...get any settlement agreement in writing. If you did not, you are out of luck on your previous agreement. It is your word vs theirs.

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