Just like many others I had a bad year a couple ye

Just like many others I had a bad year a couple years ago. Midland Funding LLC-Cap One took over my Capital One Credit card. We settled on $100 a month. All my contact with them was over the phone. I have absolutely nothing from them in writing. My credit report reflects this account as not being paid as agreed. I have asked them over the phone for some documentation regarding this account. I have none. They called earlier this year and offered to settle my account if I could come up with $8,000. I was unable to do that. After reading some of the comments on Midland I'm glad I didn't because I can't trust them to do the right thing. Do I have any legal recourse regarding documentation stating how much I owe and what I've paid? I have been afraid to rock the boat because of the things I have heard about Midland but I am feeling like I'll be paying these people for the rest of my life.

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You can ask them to provide you with some documentation about how much you owe, and the amount you have paid. You have done a mistake by making the payments without any written agreement. Now, they may easily tell that you haven't paid a dime to them. 

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Hi Patty,

You can contact an attorney and he will help you to know what legal actions you can take against them. You can also check out the given page in order to know how you should deal with Midland Funding LLC: http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/collection-agencies/midlandfunding-... .


As I'm not a lawyer, I believe that "A lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit". :)

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