Is there any path to debt reduction/negotiation/co

Is there any path to debt reduction/negotiation/consolidation whereby I can maintain the use of one of the cards for the inevitabilities of life (ie: emergency dental) ? Or, could I open a new cc acct prior to and seperate from those involved in the debt program? I'm not trying to 'get over' or be tricky, just maintain emergency buffer. Thanks

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Joe, I understand that you're trying to maintain an emergency buffer. Please remember, that while you're in a debt consolidation program you'll again be expected to pay consistently towards your debt. So you're advised not to dig deeper down your debt burden. It's time you learn to draw a good budget in order to handle emergency situations in a better way. List all your monthly expenses and try to identify items that you may actually do without.

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Yes, not mant credit card companies will offer you credit cards when you're already enrolled in a debt consolidation program. Therefore, I would suggest that you restrict the usage of your cards while you're going through the debt consolidation program. If you keep on digging into the debt hole while repaying debt, this practically makes no sense.

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Hi Joe,

I can understand your situation. It will be better if you could avoid taking out a credit card before or during your debt consolidation program. Moreover, when you've already enrolled for a debt consolidation program, there will be hardly anyone who will be ready to offer you a new credit card.

Take care.

As I'm not a lawyer, I believe that "A lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit". :)

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