Is a valid co.?

Is a valid co.?

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Why one earth would you pay someone else to do something you can do yourself for free?  

How to Deal with Unlicensed/Illegal Payday Lenders - Step by Step Instructions

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Garry is right. Check out whether or not the lender is licensed in your state. You haven’t mentioned the name of your state, that’s why it’s not possible to say anything about its legality. Look at this page:

I went through their official website. It seems to be a legitimate company. You can get more information on this company from this page:

As far as I know, is a legitimate company. One of my friends had used it and gave a good review. However, before you take help of any debt consolidation company to consolidate or settle your debts, make sure that you confirm whether or not your payday lenders and legal and licensed to operate in your state. If you find that they are not licensed to operate in your state, then you will be liable for paying them only the principal balance which you had initially borrowed from them.

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