Is Herman Law Group legit? and August Belmont & C

Is Herman Law Group legit?
and August Belmont & Co

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AG had to put their tail between their legs. Wonder why the Palm Beach Post isn't writing about that now? People are getting their debts legally eliminated or reduced based on violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. So what if there are attorney referral businesses like this one referring business to attorneys who practice this area of law? Not everyone lives in Ocala where attorneys meet their clients at the Rotary Pancake Breakfast. You have to advertise in this day and age. And attorneys, particularly, consumer advocate attorneys, don't generally have the resources to do so. Attorney referral companies are the best shot they have to reach potential clients and if you feel like trolling boards like this to point that out, you have major time on your hands. 

Hey...all you morons who were defending August Belmont and Co here recently, got anything to say now that the AG has filed charges against them ? Truth hurts. Stay tuned for criminal charges against these clowns next.


Its all a scam......trying to seperate you from your hard earned money.....thats it..period! It was a scam at elimidebt , it was a scam at center for legal justice its a scam now that it is named AB.......Legitimate buisnesses dont have to change thier names once a year.....They do it so you dont see all the bad press all over the web........ATTORNEY FEE SHARING!!!! A law firm is not allowed to contact someone and solicite thier buisness!!! This place is a joke......The southern district of illinois is getting closer Larry, ask anyone that has already been indicted.....They are all asking questions about Center for Legal Justice.......

Steve, DId you read FULLY  Rule 4-7.10? Or just the parts that you "think" fit? Obviuosly you didn't read it FULLY!




Specifically as to August Belmont, read Rule 4-7.10 of the Florida Bar Rules of Professional Conduct. The lawyer referral service is not supposed to actively engage in any communication with a prospective client. If AB is soliciting and making the promises, it does not qualify as a lawyer referral service. There are other parts of 4-7.10 that AB does not appear to comply with, so I am not sure how the Florida Bar would feel about AB calling itself a lawyer referral service. Contact the Florida Bar 850-561-5600 to ask about AB.

August Belmont is simply a referrral group and will or could not dismiss your debt.   That is The Herman Law Group of which Paul Herman is considered a legal superstar as his AVVO rating for example is off the charts.   "Dispute" is a simple legal process and any good attorney could service most clients and Herman is an excellent attorney.  Other attorneys  provide a similar service so if you don't like Herman use someone else.    Good grief people, either your creditors have violated your rights or they haven't, and your debts will either be dismissed or resolved.   Nothing else matters to the client.

The Truth sounds like a bitter ex employee.   A bitter client would have focused his or her comments on whether their debts were dismissed. --- period.    

Larry is a convict your due diligence

That is written by a former employee with an ax to grind, as evidenced by his comments on Larry using steroids. What would one tell the attorney general? They called? I'm sure the AG would love to get such a stupid call. What are your credentials? Did you used to scam people out of their money for time shares and Larry put you out of business?? The Center for Legal Justice did get involved in trying to help people who were scammed by your Time-Share resale company and although they essentially put that horrible scam business model out of business, their were a few black eyes because the nature of that business. they are no longer at that but did help hundreds get refunds. Call the FL AG, they know who August Belmont is because they essentially killed that business in Florida. The AG is rather grateful.

Herman Law Group is BBB accredited. Their contact detail is as follows:
Phone: (561) 366-1444
Fax: (800) 371-8001123
NW 13th St Ste 206,
Boca Raton, FL 33432-1618

You may get some useful information about August Belmont & Co from the following link:


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