I'm in CT and was sued by FIA Services (BOA) last

I'm in CT and was sued by FIA Services (BOA) last year for a 22K credit card debt. I had sent to the attorney several options which they said no to. I said I was going to represent myself and waited to hear from them (court) as to when my court date was. The lawyer then filed a "no answer" and got a judgement against me. This was a few days ago. The lawyer sent the request to the court days before my copy was sent to me so by the time I got it it was too late.

My questions are from what I've read the State has a standard pay 35.00 a week to the creditor which is fine We are finally back on our feet to make good on this and would actually pay more than that weekly. But with this order in place can they still freeze my bank account or garnish my wages? And how soon should I get the order?

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Did you receive the summons after the default judgment was awarded? In case you never received the summons or you were not informed of the court date, you can file a motion to vacate the judgment. Yes, the creditor can garnish your wages and put a lien on your bank account since he has already been awarded a judgment against you.

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Your question has already been answered in the given page. Have a look: http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/Debt-Problems/Hi-I-was-sued-last-ye...

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