I'm being sued by a credit card card company from

I'm being sued by a credit card card company from an account that I oppened more than 4 years ago. lost my job and was unable to pay. need to know more about sol and they sent me a form (lots of questions to complete and send to the court). what can I do?

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At first, you should check the SOL period in your state. If it has expired, then the creditor doesn’t have any right to take any legal action against you. You can contact with your creditor and negotiate with them out of court. You may try to arrange a better repayment plan with them on your own. You may also consult with an experienced attorney in this regard. I hope he/she will help you a lot to resolve your problem. If you want to know more about SOL, then glance through the following link:

Are you employed at the moment ? Do you have any assets which might be in danger of being seized...home, cars, personal items, cash in the bank,  ..paycheck, etc.

I suggest that you google : your state's "debtor exemptions"  example: "Texas Debtor Exemptios"

or "Florida Debtor Exemptions". Your search will advise those assets and income which cannot be levied or garnished. And of course Social Security, Disability payments and veterans benefits are automatically exempt.

Many states are very generous in their exemptions laws, which may be filed without filing bankruptcy ( consult a bank ruptcy attorney for specific instrutctions on how to file.)

Good Luck !

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