I wrote a letter to a bill collector about two mon

I wrote a letter to a bill collector about two months ago trying to negotiate the debt I owe to them. I have never heard back. I didn't send this via registered or certified, but kept a copy of the letter I sent. Do they have a certain window of time to write the consumer back? Does the fact that I didn't send it registered matter?

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You can call the bill collector and ask whether or not he/she has received your letter. You should have sent the letter via certified mail. Anyway, if the collector says that he/she has not received it, then you can send the letter again. 

Many a times, the creditors/CA does not respond to such letters. I haven't heard of any such window of time for the CA to write back to the consumer. It would have been better if you had send them a registered letter with a return receipt. You would have at least known whether or not they had received your letter.

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