I took out a $2600 loan from California check cash

I took out a $2600 loan from California check cashing that was spread over 8 months. I paid the first off I did in 2 months but than had an emergency. Can I go to jail for writing the check and thenchanging account number after I wrote the check because I did not want them having my checking account number . I was in an accident and out of work for 2 months and now I can't pay . I called them and let them know I was on disability and was unable to pay. I have not heard from them since.

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Yep…Anna is right. No you can’t go to jail for writing the check and then changing the account number. This is because it’s not a criminal offense. It’s a civil case.

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Just as Anna has mentioned, it would be best for you to talk with California check cashing so that you can set up a re-payment plan with them...you cannot be taken to jail for non-payment of debt

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If you have taken out the loan, then you're liable for paying it in full. If you find that cash checking is licensed to operate in your state, then you should contact your creditor and negotiate with them so that you can set up a payment plan with them and pay them off. This will help you in getting rid of the debts.

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