I thought I closed my City Bank account years ago,

I thought I closed my City Bank account years ago, but evidently not. I just got married and was trying to get a joint account with my husband, but was denied because I owe City Bank 247.00. I have no recalection of this. I thought I paid all the funds and over draft charges. Well, I called to see why I have that charge and have never even gotten a statement saying I owe them. When I called the back they could not give me any list of why the charge is on my account. The guy told me his computer files do not go back past 2008. So how do I know I really need to pay this? And how can I settle?

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Citi will not allow you to open a joint account with your husband till the debt is paid off. Now, you'll have to make a decision. Either you pay off the debt and open a new account or you try to open an account in another bank. 

Which state are you from? Which year was this account closed? Have you taken a look at your credit report? If Citi sold the debt to a collector, Citi might not have any records pertaining to it.

Tell them you would not pay a dime until you receive a proof that you owe the debt. You need not to pay any charge without any verification.

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